Our team of web accessibility professionals helps organizations build accessible and truly usable digital experiences

The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

Tim Berners-Lee
W3C Director & inventor
of the World Wide Web

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Permanent disability
People who have a disability such as loss of limb, sight, hearing or speech

Design for accessibility
benefits everyone

Users and customers can effectively use digital products and services regardless of their disabilities while at the same time organisations build a positive, strong, brand image, avoid lawsuits, reach wider audiences and unlock new customer markets.

Digital accessibility is not an edge case: Disability and similar age-related issues affect over 40% of your users & customers (according to reports from the USA and European Union).

Barriers that people commonly experience due to inaccessible content:

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Age Related

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So, how can we help you provide a seamless experience for all and meet your business goals?

Web accessibility is a long, fruitful, and worthwhile journey. Our accessibility services are specifically designed to make your journey successful.

Temporary disability
When a person has short-term injury or context affects the way they interact for a short time

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Accessibility Audits

We perform in-depth accessibility evaluation of your digital properties (websites, platforms, web apps or mobile apps) using a combination of automated tools and expert-based manual testing as well as recommendations for remediation.

Benefit for your organization:
Identify all areas of non-compliance, prioritize issues according to the impact on users’ experience, and get suggestions to overcome the accessibility barriers.

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Remediation of Accessibility issues

During remediation of accessibility issues, your product design team can get support from our Web Accessibility experts.

Benefit for your organization:
Working together with our accessibility experts will make the remediation phase much more efficient providing smart solutions needed to resolve accessibility issues.

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Usability Testing

There is no better way to understand accessibility hurdles than to observe real humans with disabilities that use your digital product. We undertake all the related activities from recruiting users with disabilities, to analyzing and reporting the findings.

Benefit for your organization:
Testing with people with disabilities will help you understand their real experience, focus on the most critical issues and increase your ability to build better products and services.

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Accessibility Monitoring and Testing

We help you develop an accessibility roadmap along with a measurement framework. Together we specify all the accessibility goals and metrics across your digital properties, to ensure long term compliance as you make revisions and new content is published.

Benefit for your organization:
Ensure that your digital products are accessible in the long term even after adding new content and features.

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Document Accessibility

All sorts of documents and presentations need to be accessible as well. We review your documents and presentations using automatic and manual testing methods and we make the appropriate improvements.

Benefit for your organization:
Create, use and share digital content that is accessible to all.

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Accessibility Training

We create custom training programs to help your organization design and develop digital products that will meet accessibility standards and address the needs of all users.

Benefit for your organization:
All the key people in your product team (PMs, UX designers, developers, content designers) will get the knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain an accessible digital product.

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Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility implementation efforts have organization-wide implications. We help you assess strengths & weaknesses and create a complete digital accessibility policy (awareness activities, support to create your own accessibility team, set milestones, goals, metrics, ROI of accessibility initiatives etc).

Benefit for your organization:
A clear roadmap to build up holistic accessibility initiatives according to your business goals and your accessibility maturity level.

Young woman outdoors using mobile phone with difficulty because of sun

Situational disability
When people move through different environments that make interaction difficult

Accessibility Certification

Do you need a certification of compliance? We have developed a roadmap of activities and we can issue a certification of compliance according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Our model is based on the combination of:

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Expert-based evaluation (Accessibility audits)

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Support in the remediation efforts

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Usability testing with users with disabilities

Meet our team of web
accessibility experts

Giannis Tzortzopoulos

Web Accessibility Specialist certified by IAAP

Nikos Apostolidis

Web Accessibility Engineer

Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias

UX Researcher

Anastasis Vourliotakis

UX Researcher


Rodi Orfanidou

UX Designer | Web Accessibility Specialist

Dean Birkett

Accessibility and UX Design Consultant

Let’s make products and services accessible for all people

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