Crafting Design Systems with Figma

Design systems online course
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 18:30 to Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 20:30

Designs Systems. The heartbeat of every digital product that is aesthetically pleasing and accurately developed. The go-to place where designers “meet” to align, contradict, talk about color, form, accessibility, buttons and how to keep everything consistent. The art you must craft to advance with the ever-changing product and physical world.

This 4-part workshop is built to provide you with all the knowledge you’ll be needing to create, maintain and evolve design systems.

It will include theoretical lessons and best practices, hands-on activities, and plenty of Q&A time at the end of each session.

After completing the workshop, you will walk out with a solid foundation about how to sell, plan, craft and maintain a diverse, accessible & successful design system at your organization or personal projects.

In this workshop you will learn 
  • Tactics and strategies for selling a design system to stakeholders, clients and colleagues
  • Communicating a design system in a remote world
  • Atomic design principles and moving beyond them
  • Why Figma is the go-to design tool to host your system
  • Architecting a top-quality design system step by step in Figma
  • Crafting your system based on diversity, inclusivity and accessibility
  • Getting the system developer-ready
  • Documenting the system using a reference website
  • Maintaining and evolving a design system over time
  • Bonus: Guerrilla design systems
  • Prototyping
Who will benefit 
  • UX and UI designers
  • Teams making design systems
  • Front-end engineers
  • Design-ops people
  • Product owners / managers
  • UX Researchers
  • Business / Startup owners
  • Anyone responsible for the success of digital products
Day 1 - November 18 (18:30 - 20:30)
  • What is a Design System and why do we need one
  • Designs Systems for designers and non-designers
  • The anatomy of a successful system and where to build one
  • Kicking off the design system initiative using Figma as your ultimate source of truth
Day 2 - November 25 (18.30-20.30)

The actual building of the Design System in Figma

  • Moving beyond the Atomic Design principles
  • Thoughtfully implementing diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in your system
  • Creating your foundations (Colours, typography, iconography, grids, shadows, etc)
Day 3 - December 2 (18.30-20.30)
  • The actual building of the Design System in Figma
  • Creating components and patterns (Buttons, text fields, feedback messages, etc)
  • Prototyping components
  • Starting a pilot project
  • Collaborating and sharing updates with the design team
Day 4 - December 9 (18.30-19.30)
  • Cross-disciplinary design system process: from business needs to design to code to production
  • Creating and handing-off design tokens
  • Front-end best practices
  • Getting your system out to the world: documenting and publishing
  • What is the future of your Design System: design team structure, maintenance and evolution
  • Guerilla design systems
Konstantina Chorianopoulou
Senior Product Designer @ Kaizen Gaming (Stoiximan/Betano)

Konstantina Chorianopoulou is a Senior Product Designer at Kaizen Gaming, a design coach, and an aspiring design teacher. She is enthusiastic about new technology and innovation and is driven by the belief that design is a pass for making the -online and offline- world a better place. Currently she is engaged in bringing consistency and scalability across the whole Kaizen product by building and evolving design systems. By promoting collaboration, transparency and common practices she encourages cross-team interaction and builds the basis for future-proof scalability. Her superpower is the urge to keep solutions simple both in design and development and the will to improve the interactions between people and products they use. She has worked for startups, agencies and bigger organizations including Agile Actors and Blueground. She enjoys speaking in Meetups and leading design workshops. When she is not designing, she likes spending time in nature, gazing stars, and climbing rocks.

Fees Include 
  • Training resources
  • Working example files to take away
  • Certification of attendance