We partner with your team to help you setup the big picture: from comparing your product against the competitors to assess the experience design maturity of your company.

Methods & Techniques 
Competitors’ UX analysis
Customer Journey Mapping
UX measurement plan
UX strategy mapping workshop
Consulting (UX competency mapping, User-centered maturity, UX team & workflow)
The value for you

• Identify strengths and weaknesses of your product against competitors.
• Assess your organisation’s UX capabilities and competencies
• Setup UX metrics and KPIs and connect with business goals
• Plan your UX projects according to your company resources
• Create and manage your own UX team

A. Foundational & Exploratory Research

Uncover your customer/user needs, motivations, and context of use to inform great design

Methods & Techniques 
User and Stakeholder Interviews
User personas
Ethnographic and Field Research
Contextual Inquiry
Customer Experience Journey Mapping
Sentiment analysis
Diary Studies
Task Analysis
Lean UX Workshops
The value for you

• Learn who your users are, what they do, how they feel and think.
• Understand your users’ goals, needs & desires, experiences, and pain points
• Analyze the context in which your customers use your product  
• Identify the most critical touchpoints
• Map your customer experiences to support decision making

B. Evaluative Research

Test your products and improve your customers’ experience.

Methods & Techniques 
UX measurement plan
A/B Testing
Usability Testing (Onsite, Remote, Lab)
Benchmark UX evaluation | Comparative Usability Evaluation
UX expert review / Heuristic evaluation
Competitors’ UX Analysis
Data Analytics
Five seconds test
Desirability test
First Click Testing
Tree testing
Eye tracking studies
The value for you

• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product.
• Measure the UX quality of your product against the competitors’.
• Understand the effect of the design changes you make in your product.
• Evaluate your users’ experience when interacting with your product  
• Provide high quality information to your team.
• Provide data and a baseline to further improve your product.

As authentic UXers we aim to support human interaction with a product; it is not just about visual design, we need design methods that reflect how people perceive reality and how they do things.

Methods & Techniques 
UX writing
Information Architecture | Card Sorting
User flow diagrams | Wireflows
Task models – task analysis
Sketching & Wireframing
User interface style guides
Prototyping (from low fidelity to high)
The value for you

• Build prototypes to simulate your final product and test in early stages togather important feedback and save development costs
• Build a visual language to engage your audience combining aestheticsand functionality, according to your brand values
• Create a brand voice making sure that it conveys the right message toyour users
• Design a user interface to flatten your users’ learning curve and thus have them interact with your product within a short time
• Provide a clear and self-explanatory navigation
• Differentiate and stand out from your competitors

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