Introduction to UX writing

10 am - 1 pm
Impact Hub Athens
Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 00:00


Are you designing a site/platform/application or redesigning an existing one? To make your product stand out in the digital arena, you are going to need words. Words that establish a conversation with the user and help him/her navigate effectively. Words that create a good user experience and even convey your product's personality. That is what UX writing is about and that is why it is fundamental to your product design.

In this UXProdigy course we present the key principles of UX writing, basic rules and useful tools for effective microcopy and exercises for a hands-on learning experience.

In this workshop you will learn 
  • The importance of UX writing for your digital product (website/platform/app)
  • How to write effective UX copy
  • How to build a brand voice for your product 
  • Tools and tests that will help you design and validate your UX writing
  • The UX writing process through writing and testing exercises
Who will benefit 
  • Copywriters
  • UX designers 
  • Product managers / Project Managers / Marketers
  • Business owners/ Startuppers 
Introduction – Importance of UX writing
Hail to the User: Usability, Motivation, Personality
15 commandments of effective UX writing (some written in stone, some not)
Google it: applying UX writing best practices and building a brand's voice
Tools and tests: the UX writer's secret weapons
Practice time - UX writing exercises and testing
Impact Hub Athens
Fees Include 
  • Copies of slides, notes and resources

  • Certification of attendance