Running lean UX workshops with stakeholders

1 or 2 training days
On Site

Struggling to build consensus in your product design team? You want to get buy-in for your UX process? Running UX workshops with stakeholders can always help you do that.

Learning how to run effectively this collaborative activity is essential for several reasons:
  • To frame and define the problem your product team is trying to solve,
  • To clarify and understand business & user requirements,
  • To prepare and plan for further UX research and design activities.

After working on the above, we need to visualize ideas (as possible solutions) quickly through sketches and paper prototypes, a vital but sometimes neglected technique in the complex UX and product design process. We offer a full-day training session (it can be 2 days depending on your needs) and we adjust practical exercises on a real project of yours. 

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